Struggles of a Teenage Boy

Puberty. Need I say more?  This time in a young boy’s life turns his entire world upside down. From a clean cut face, to hair growing in spurts all over the place. Generally, not in even proportion either.  From a normal little boy’s voice, to squeaks and squawks as it emasculates into a man’s voice.  And yes, from thinking girls are icky,, to thinking about them morning, noon, and night. In this area, the boys mind must take control of his body, or his body will take him places he is not yet mature enough to go.

As a pre-teen 11 – 14 year old boy, if he is considered a, “mama’s boy,” then he may try to over compensate by taking on more physical athletic sports than he can handle. After all, he has a reputation to showcase, and then uphold to his peers. However, when he comes home, he gets to be all lovable and sweet in the bosom of his Mommy again.


Teenage boy problems

As an older sixteen or seventeen year old boy, he is now expected to seriously think about his career. Prepare for his future. After all, being the man, he is expected to be the bread winner if he is raised in a traditional home.  This is the norm for most cultures. For most young adolescent men, this is all well and good except for one thing … their body still has lack of control issues when it comes to thinking about girls in a sexual way 24/7.. I assume it must be very difficult to know that these feelings of sexual longing are very natural, yet, not allowed to act upon them.  Here are some things that the parents can do to help:

Unfortunately, with the vanishing of traditional home governments and their standards for living, many young teen age boys and girls are left to fend for themselves as to what they think is right for them with no absolutes at all. Everything is relative. Thus, many young boys may not have a strong male figure to emulate, but are forced to make up their own minds given what is fed to them in school and the media instead of what is lived out in the home.  However, our young men of tomorrow will persevere, somehow, and become all that he is meant to become. Our job as parents is simply to guide them in the right direction as best we can with what we are given.