Help With Computer Eye Strain

In a world where most of us use computers on a regular basis it is not surprising that more than 50 per cent of computer users experience headaches, irritated or dry eyes, blurred vision eyestrain and other irritating symptoms as a result of overdoing it at the computer screen. More and more of us are seeking help with computer eye strain. Eyestrain is an increasingly common symptom, as are poor posture and muscular strains.


Computer eye strain and its solution Doctors and opticians are seeing more and more symptoms relating to computers and vision. Users at work and for pleasure  spend long hours staring at their computer screens and in doing so become exposed to a much higher risk of eyesight disorders such as eye strain, near-sightedness, dry eyes and blurred vision. If you are one of the many people who spend your day staring at your computer screen, eye training exercises can help to counteract the computer vision syndrome and help prevent those headaches and other related symptoms.

Vision exercises are easy to perform and can be carried out anywhere and at any time of the day. For best results you should carry them, out several times a day. Let us try some steps eye exercises for strain here…

  1. First try this exercise, rub your eyes for 20 seconds until they feel warm, place your  hands over them, don not let your palms come in to contact with your eyes.
  2. Overlap the fingers of both hands and rest them on your forehead. Make sure your hands do not create any pressure on your face, maintain this pose for a couple of minutes, whilst you relax and see complete darkness.
  3. Scanning exercises can help to increase the flexibility of your eyes, position yourself at the far end of a room and scan around the edges of the room for objects, doing this for a few minutes at a time this will keep your eyes moving in a loose and fluid way. Both of these exercises should ease your computer eye strain.

To relax your neck, head and face muscles perform some simple head rolls. Breathe in and close your eyes, take a deep breath and breathe out whilst slowly dropping your chin down in to your chest and relaxing your shoulders and neck. As you breath in again, roll your head gently around to the left, then back, keeping your shoulders still and relaxed. Repeating this exercise will relax your muscles in no time. You can also place a bowls of hot and ice cold water in front of you. With a face cloth for each bowl alternate the cloths on your eyes for 30 seconds each, and then massage you closed eyes with a dry cloth for a couple of minutes.

If you find that you are one of the many who spend far too much time at your computer screen, I hope you can gain some help with computer eye strain by using the exercises above.