Healthy Eating Habits for Teenage Girls

The average teen age girl has much to contend with. Not to say that the average teenage boy does not have a surmountable challenge to face head on (and persevere), but this article is directed to the parents of young teenage daughters and about healthy eating habits for teenage girls.

As the typical nine year old begins to sense changes going on in her body, things begin ti change in her world. Hormonal changes have crept up and threatens to snatch away her childhood days. Some are more then ready, but most are not eager to hand over their care free child hood days.  Here are a few of the symptoms that raging hormones cause in a pre-teen growing into to being a teen:

1)      the introduction of a menstrual cycle that will not be going away any time soon

2)      irritability without a tangible reason

3)      mood swings

4)      water weight gain

5)      awkward period of growing breast

6)      negative self awareness and a deep desire to look a certain way … ironically, almost no teen is pleased with their appearance, yet compare themselves to one another


Healthy food for teenage girls

With all of this going on in their bodies, it is imperative that she maintain a healthy diet to ensure that the proper nutrients are being administered to all growing body parts.  More often than not, the western civilized teenager has an image of a size 0 – 2 Barbie Doll embedded in their head. For most, only plastic surgery will result with such a figure. Thank you, media!

As the teen strives for her image in the mirror to match what she envisions in her head coupled together with so many unasked for changes in her body, no wonder no one can keep up with her mood swings from one second to the next. No wonder there is a big problem with teen health and diet. While trying to match reality with the unattainable, some young ladies even slip into anorexia or bulimia to try an maintain a low wait. What they are missing is that eating steadily and healthily throughout the day can actually help you maintain your physically healthy weight for your height and body type.  In layman’s terms, here is how it works:

The organs in the stomach become programmed to the time of day and amount of food that is administered to it.  It actually gears up and prepares to be fed and ready to take the nutrients and spread them to where most needed by the body. If nothing is received, it gets lazy because no work on its’ end is required. Without healthy food diet it automatically slows down the body’s metabolism. The metabolism is the process that speeds up to take the nutrients where they need to go, and leave the rest to become waste products. Thus, helping the body to maintain a naturally healthy weight.

However, when the digestive organs have been tricked into thinking food is coming when there isn’t any, it gets accustomed to not being fed and compensates accordingly. Thus, when the body does finally receive food, the metabolism is slower and does not work as quickly as it use to. It is out of training, so to speak.  Ultimately, unhealthy weight gain happens as a result of two things:

1) The metabolism slowing down, and

2) the body has waited so long to eat that it is beyond hungry, and is now famished, thus the likelihood to over eat is probable. When this occurs, the stomach stretches out to make room for the food that the organism would have otherwise digested.

Four simple steps can help keep our teen girls healthy:

1)      eat three healthy meals a day in moderation (morning,noon, and early evening)

2)      have healthy snacks in between meals (fruit, vegetable, multi-grain crackers, etc)

3)      eat dinner at least two hours before going to bed

4)      exercise regularly (does not have to be strenuous, just consistent)

Another excellent idea is to discourage the use of weight scales. Because of the cycle of a females’ body, weight is shifted from one place to the other almost daily. For the average healthy teenager girl, fluctuation in weight is caused by water weight gain needed for her body to produce properly. You can prepare healthy breakfast on a daily basis to meet the nutrition she requires.

Help your teenage daughter love who she is (not to be confused with in love with who she is … AKA conceited).  Try to get some healthy snacking tips for her better health. The best way that Moms can do this is by being a good example yourself, however, noting the maintaining a middle aged body is vastly different from maintaining a teenage one. Perhaps that will be covered in one of my next articles.