The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys

There’s not a way to not be awed when going to the

Florida Keys. The Keys are just like nowhere else on the planet

within their beauty, peculiarity, their congeniality and

their personality. It appears as if my mind and body

instantly relax when i drive-thru Key Largo just

knowing I’m going further lower in to the paradise known as

the Keys.

Route 1 may be the only road from Key Largo to Key West

which is awesome. It goes through small villages,

small hummocks of mangrove trees, intermixed with small


Fisherman, in shorts, cast for mangrove snapper and

yellowtail, while motorboats with flat-bottoms and guides

work their way with the flats looking for the

elusive bonefish.

Everywhere, water is really a various and beautiful

color: eco-friendly, turquoise, azure, and beige.

Around the left may be the Atlantic, shallow as well as other

shades of blue around the right is Florida Bay after which

the Gulf murky yet beautiful in shades of

eco-friendly, beige and tan. Islands us dot the landscape within the

Gulf, just like motorboats seeking pleasure or fish, or both.

The drive to Key West couldn’t be referred to as

bad. It’s beautiful something totally new around every bend

or higher every bridge, particularly the seven-mile


Pelicans, ungainly yet elegant, glide beside your vehicle

while you speed across the highway. Islamorada and

Marathon would be the only locations that slow traffic lower on

the best way to Key West.

Just north of Marathon is really a place where one can go swimming

using the dolphins in the Dolphin Research Center.

Key West finally emerges. It’s a busy place with

many individuals, plenty of shops and a lot of restaurants.

Breathe deeply and plunge in!