Information About Blurry Eyes

Blurry eyes can be frustrating an unwelcomed experience, there can be a number of reasons for them some serious and some not so serious. Sometimes blurry eyes are simply down to the fact that your glasses replaced with stronger lenses or you have deposits on your contact lenses. Wearers often end up wearing their contact lenses past the date that they should have been changed which means that over time; residue can build up on them and make your vision appear blurry, just as people often carry on  wearing the same pair of glasses for far too long without having an eye test and updating prescriptions. Vision can change or deteriorate over time; simply getting the stronger prescription for your lenses is enough to put the blurred vision right.

A weakness of the eye muscles which can cause your natural lens to change shape is one of the most common causes of blurry vision. The loss of elasticity in the lens, which does occur naturally with aging, can also cause blurry eyes. Hyperopia and Myopia and Hyperopia, otherwise known as being far sighted and near sighted are also common causes of blurred vision. In Myopia, this occurs because the cornea has an increased curve to it, whereas with Hyperopia, it can happen when the eye is reduced in length. With either of these conditions blurry eyes can be relieved instantaneously with prescription contact lenses or glasses. If you vision is only blurred at night it is probably due to cataracts. Cataracts occur layer on in life and can make bright lights including car headlights, difficult to look at in the dark because they can become blinding.


Causes of blurry eyes and solution

A less serious cause of blurred vision can be dry eyes. Eyes need to produce tears in order to stay moist, sometimes your eyes do not make enough tears, or the tears that they do make or not adequate which leads to them drying out. As well as blurry eyes, you can also suffer from awkward irritations and dehydration. To relieve this condition you can buy eye drops in any good pharmacy. If you find that your eyes go blurry when you have a headache you might be suffering from a migraine. Blurry eyes can also be a symptom when your body is suffering from dehydration, so drink plenty of water, it also worth bearing in mind that blurred vision can be a symptom of diabetes.