Do You Visualize Whilst You Are Doing Breathing Exercises?

Do You Visualize Although You Do Breathing Exercises?

Q. I’ve found breathing exercises boring can there be anything I’m able to do in order to make less boring?

Maybe you have used visualization when doing your breathing exercises, many people believe that breathing exercises are a types of sitting lower and concentrating because they inhale exhale, which towards the outsider can appear to be boring and monotonous but here is a couple of things you can test out next time, try…

• focusing on a specific colour on inhalation and the other colour on exhalation (for instance some colour you link to calmness or wholesomeness, and the other colour for stress or impurity)

• getting an image in your thoughts of the body so that as you inhale, consider all of the extra areas of your lung area which have been under used due to bad breathing habits.

• Going for a breath and picturing the environment entering the body from various areas (like the soles from the ft for instance.)

It may especially appear complicated for novices when beginning to do breathing exercises while you can’t begin to see the muscles that they’re focusing on but by visualizing their lung area for action in their eyes it can make everything the simpler to do…and remember when you are doing all of your breathing exercises you are not necessarily learning anything new but undoing all of the improper habits you’ve selected up through the years.