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What Causes Freckles and How to Hide Them?

If you are fair skinned then you may be doused with freckles during certain times of the year or even all year long. What causes freckles and is there anything we can do about them?


What causes freckles

The factors that cause freckles are mysterious little garden fairies that have an obsession with fair skinned and fair haired people. They come while we are asleep and mark us with fairy kisses so they know which humans belong to them, hence the color of the freckles. Look closely and they do resemble tinny lipstick marks! If you believe this then you may need to take a break from reading for a bit. The real 411 on what causes freckles is the sun. The sun is the freckle culprit. See, there is a pigment producer in all people’s skin called melanocytes. This pigment plays a role in keeping the top layer of our skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun. When we get too many freckles it is our bodies’ way of screaming that we need some shade and/or sun block. Too much the sun is also one of the causes of freckles! So, if you sunbathe a lot you may have an outbreak of freckles.

Some people just cannot help getting freckled. Even if they stay in the sun for very short periods of time, they will still freckle. What causes freckles in these folks? The answer is this; it is just the way we are designed. Fair skinned and fair haired people will always freckle no matter how much or how little sun they get. Yes, it is cruel but there isn’t anything we can do to stop it from happening. But, there are ways to cover them up a bit so we look a bit less like pepperoni pizzas.

The best way to help cover your freckles (and  help block out what can cause freckles) is by using makeup. Foundation is now available that contains sun block so you are not only covering your freckles but helping to prevent new ones as well. Of course this only works on your face as it would not be the best idea to try to cover your entire body with foundation. Instead try lemon juice. Some people swear by the lemon. Just rub the juice into your skin and while you are out in the bright light of day, your freckles will look much lighter.

Now that you know what causes freckles and some ways to conceal them, you may want to rethink your anti-freckle campaign. It may just be time to embrace the freckle!